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Mildred, Mildred

This song is by Yoko Ono and appears on the album Feeling The Space (1973).

Mildred, mildred, how I love you so,
Remember the joke you told me
While we had our midnight tea.
That was the funniest joke I ever heard in my life,
I didn't tell you then 'cause I was drinking the tea.

Alfred, now alfred, you used to call me so.
And told me how it would be nice to open a plant shop.
That was the most sensible idea we had in our life,
I didn't tell you then 'cause I was reading the papers.

Mildred, oh, mildred, how I love you so,
Remember how you were angry when I talked to the box.
You kept trying to tell me something, something about your life,
But I didn't hear you then 'cause I was watching the box.

I bought a pot of plant now
And I'm watering it ev'ry day.
I watched the late night talk show
And asked the man in a suit
Why he was laughing so when my wife was dead.

He didn't reply,
No, he didn't reply at all.
And I burnt the box the next morning
And buried in our garden.

Mildred, oh, mildred, how I miss you so,
How I wish to tell you a lot of things about our life.
But of course you aren't around, you aren't around no more
And I hear the box still laughing in the next door apartment.

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