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Death by Chocolate (2011)Edit

Yogurt With Sprinkles - Death By Chocolate
Death by Chocolate
  1. Death By Chocolate
  2. Sticky
  3. Version 2
  4. Baby, Let's Spend Today Like Tomorrow's the End of the World (And It Quite Possibly Could Be) [The End of the World] Part 1
  5. Intermission (Video Game Edition)
  6. Endless Slumber
  7. REMIX Of The Bumblebee
  8. Eternal Inferno
  9. Astral Apocalypse
  10. Cipher's Song
  11. Happy Jibsday

The Musical (2012)Edit

Yogurt With Sprinkles - The Musical
The Musical
  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
  4. Part IV
  5. Part V
  6. Part VI
  7. Part VII
  8. Supernova
  9. D4NC3
  10. Aftermath
  11. Hippity-Hoppity
  12. #cipherbeingcipher

Yogurt with Sprinkles (2012)Edit

Yogurt With Sprinkles - Yogurt With Sprinkles
Yogurt with Sprinkles
  1. Phantom
  2. Stellar Revolution
  3. Sarsparilla
  4. Ultimatum
  5. Juxtaposition
  6. Rise Of The Moderator (8-Bit Revolution)
  7. (Cooler Than) The Other Side Of The Pillow
  8. Snazzy
  9. Breakout
  10. Sunrise/Sunset

Kitty (2012)Edit

Yogurt With Sprinkles - Kitty
  1. Rise... And Let The Dancing Commence
  2. Dance Your Pants Off
  3. "Déjà vu" Is So "Cliché"
  4. Hoodie
  5. Cosmos Crisis
  6. Dark Chocolate
  7. Tactic, Galactic
  8. That's Some Real Sciency Sh!t
  9. Happy Skalidays!
  10. Kitty
  11. Tides

YWS V (2013)Edit

Yogurt With Sprinkles - YWS V
  1. [bleeps and bloops]
  2. Vice Versa
  3. Anthem of the Youth
  4. Cartoon Heroes
  5. Hot Tropic
  6. The Fabulous Journey Through the Space-Time Continuum
  7. One Step (Arabian Dream)
  8. Lament of the Pixels
  9. Photoluminescence
  10. You Win!

Game Grumps Remixes (2013)Edit

Yogurt With Sprinkles - Game Grumps Remixes
Game Grumps Remixes
  1. Arin's Thirsty
  2. Game Grumps Quad Squad Collab [YWS Mix]
  3. Hey Mr. Wilson (Updated Mix)
  4. Power Radish
  5. Arin's Big Floppy Song
  6. Hey Mr. Wilson (Original Mix)
  7. Underneath The Water (featuring Mike Aruba)
  8. Arin's Jewels
  9. (Nobody Knows) How I Feel
  10. Meat Loaf Grumps

Chapters (2014)Edit

Yogurt With Sprinkles - Chapters
  1. Chapter One - Off We Go!
  2. Chapter Two - Takin' A Stroll
  3. Chapter Three - Going Swimmingly
  4. Chapter Four - The Royal Crazies
  5. Chapter Five - The False Prophet
  6. Chapter Six - Is This The End?



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