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Wasteland Waltz (UK Version)

This song is by Yoav.

This is place is wasteland
It's written all over your face
The strip mall stretch out in to skyscrapers
Sprawled up into space

I've got to get out of here before it gets into us
I swear we can slip out the door
While there's life still to taste
Before the first light hits the steel eyes
We'll make our escape

Do you think you're the only one
Starving for wonder?
'Cause you're not the only one
Who's going under

We'll sneak through the streets
Cooly watching the ghostly unglow
There's no need for road signs
To read the map to follow

Straight into the darkness ahead
And into the silence
Where everything disappears
And no one can ever find out

Empty faces
Another spaces close
Silent faces
Steal these wasted souls
Soon we'll be gone now
Soon we'll be gone now

This is place is a wasteland
It's written all over your face
Let's slip through the cracks in the floor now
There's no time to waste

I've got to out of here
Before it gets into us, I swear


Written by:

Yoav Sadan

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