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This song is by Yo La Tengo and appears on the album New Wave Hot Dogs (1987) and on the compilation album Prisoners of Love (2004).

The beer was talking and it seemed a little bored
Suggested walking for awhile
Thought it'd be dramatic if we walked all night
But I got tired, so I came home
Lay back on the couch to watch TV
The drunks were talking, wasn't long before I grew bored,
Lewis didn't feel the same
I guess they spoke in tongues that wrapped around his brain,
He didn't mind the feeling at all
Remember me sometime when I am far away
And I will try and do the same
Maybe just like you some day I will forget
Every hit song America ever had
Like this is for all the Lonely People,
And Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man,
And I've been to a desert on a horse without a name

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