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Before We Run

This song is by Yo La Tengo and appears on the album Fade (2013).

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Hold me in your arms
Be still, be there
I'll hold you in mine
Before we run

It gets hard to see
I know it's hard
Believing our own ears
And then we run

Running away from fear
Running away from fear
Running away to stay

Orange clouds before the sky goes back
Before we lose our nerve
Before we speak

'Cross the dotted line
Too fast, unwise
Swirling like the storm
Be still, be there

Running away from now
Running away from there
Running until we're there

Take me to the distant, lonely place
Take me out beyond mistrust
Speak to me in words we can't erase
Take me where it's only us

Written by:

Georgia Hubley Wikipedia16 / Ira Kaplan Wikipedia16 / James McNew Wikipedia16

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