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Thug Walkin' (2000)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - Thug Walkin'
Thug Walkin'
  1. Ying Yang In This Thang
  2. Ballin' G's
  3. Whistle While You Twurk (Collipark Mix)
  4. Brang Yo Azz Outdoz
  5. Ying Yang Vs. Lil Jon And The East Side Boyz
  6. Thug Walkin'
  7. Warm Up
  8. Dispose Of Brawdz
  9. A!
  10. Dope Game
  11. Whistle While You Twurk (E.A. Mix)

Alley: The Return Of The Ying Yang Twins (2002)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - Alley The Return Of The Ying Yang Twins
Alley: The Return Of The Ying Yang Twins
  1. Playahatian
  2. I'm Tired
  3. Alley
  4. Say I Yi Yi
  5. Sound Off
  6. Huff Puff
  7. By Myself
  8. Drop Like This 2001 (featuring Dirty, Dirty)
  9. ATL Eternally (featuring Pastor Troy)
  10. Hunchin'
  11. Tongue Bath (featuring Methrone)
  12. Twurkulator
  13. Credits
  14. Crank It Up (Bonus Track)
  15. Say I Yi Yi (Remix) (Bonus Track)

Me & My Brother (2003)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - Me & My Brother
Me & My Brother
  1. Them Braves
  2. Hanh!
  3. What's Happnin'! (featuring Trick Daddy)
  4. Grey Goose
  5. Salt Shaker (featuring Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz)
  6. Georgia Dome (Get Low Sequel)
  7. What The Fuck! (featuring Bone Crusher and Killer Mike)
  8. Calling All Zones (featuring Hitman Sammy Sam)
  9. Me & My Brother
  10. Hard (featuring K.T.)
  11. The Nerve Calmer
  12. Naggin'
  13. Naggin' Part II (The Answer) (featuring Ms. Flawless)
  14. Armageddon

My Brother & Me (2004)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - My Brother & Me
My Brother & Me
  1. Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk!) (featuring Homebwoi)
  2. Slow Motion (Remix) (featuring Wyclef Jean, Juvenile and UTP Playas)
  3. Take Ya Clothes Off (featuring Bone Crusher)
  4. Do It (featuring Da Mujicians and Nue Breed)
  5. In Da Club (featuring Yonnie)
  6. Me & My Brother (Remix) (featuring YoungBloodZ)
  7. Get Crunk Shorty (featuring Nick Cannon and Fatman Scoop)
  8. Georgia Dome (Remix) (featuring Fatman Scoop and Jacki-O)
  9. Salt Shaker (Remix) (featuring Fat Joe, Juvenile, Murphy Lee and Lil Jon)
  10. Salt Shaker (Extended Remix) (featuring B.G., Fat Joe, Fatman Scoop, Jacki-O, Juvenile, Murphy Lee, Lil Jon and Pitbull)

U.S.A. (United State Of Atlanta) (2005)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - U.S.A. (United State Of Atlanta)
U.S.A. (United State Of Atlanta)
  1. All Good Things (Intro)
  2. Fuck The Ying Yang Twins
  3. Long Time (featuring Anthony Hamilton)
  4. Live Again (featuring Adam Levine)
  5. We At War (Skit)
  6. Ghetto Classics
  7. The Courthouse (Skit)
  8. 23 Hour Lock Down (featuring Bun B)
  9. Sex Therapy 101 (Skit)
  10. Wait (The Whisper Song)
  11. Sex Therapy 102 (Skit)
  12. Pull My Hair
  13. Sex Therapy 103 (Skit)
  14. Bedroom Boom (featuring Avant)
  15. The Walk (featuring Da Muzicians, Countrie Biggz, Homebwoi and B.G.)
  16. Hoes (featuring Jacki-O)
  17. Badd (featuring Mike Jones and Mr Collipark)
  18. Put That Thang Down (featuring Teedra Moses)
  19. Shake (featuring Pitbull)
  20. My Brother's Keeper (featuring Anwar)
  21. Dedication & Upcoming Events (Skit)
  22. U.S.A.

U.S.A. (Still United) (2005)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - U.S.A. (Still United)
U.S.A. (Still United)
  1. Mr. Collipark's Intro
  2. Wiggle Then Move
  3. Ms. New Booty
  4. Git It
  5. Get Yern
  6. The Pink
  7. 4 Oz.
  8. Legendary Status
  9. Bedroom Boom
  10. Duts
  11. Wait (Ultimix Remix)
  12. Shake (Remix)

Chemically Imbalanced (2006)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - Chemically Imbalanced
Chemically Imbalanced
  1. Intro
  2. Keep on Coming
  3. 1st Booty On Duty
  4. Jack It Up
  5. Jigglin'
  6. Take It Slow
  7. Patron (Skit)
  8. Big Boy Liquor
  9. Smoke Break (Skit)
  10. Collard Greens
  11. Water
  12. Dangerous
  13. Family
  14. Friday
  15. Leave
  16. One Mo for the Road (Skit)
  17. Open
  18. In This Thang Still

Ying Yang Forever (2009)Edit

Ying Yang Twins - Ying Yang Forever
Ying Yang Forever
  1. We Back Intro
  2. Ying Yang Forever
  3. Yall Ain't Ready (featuring C-Moe)
  4. Centipede (featuring Lil Jon)
  5. Top Model
  6. Put It on Me (featuring Korey B.)
  7. Pop Da Trunk
  8. Mad (featuring Sydnee-Jane)
  9. I'm Still Hustlin' Intro
  10. I'm Still Hustlin'
  11. The Girl Is a Hoe
  12. So Cold (featuring C-Moe)
  13. Do It
  14. Holla at a Bitch
  15. Closet Freak (featuring Korey B.)
  16. Get a Lil Low (featuring Bizzy Bone)
  17. Earthquake
  18. Fever (Bonus track)

Songs Featuring Ying Yang TwinsEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. (Whisper Song)girl Version
  2. Angels
  3. Armegedon
  4. Big Booty Judy
  5. Bojangles
  6. Boom (Its On)
  7. Drop (Remix)
  8. Drop
  9. Fuck You
  10. Georgia Dome Remix
  11. Girl
  12. Hahn
  13. Hard Feat K.T.
  14. Hell Raisers
  15. Naggin' II (The Answer) Performed By Ms. Flawless & Tha Rhythum
  16. Naggin' Part II
  17. Naggin' Part Ii (The Answer)
  18. Salt Shaker (Mvp Remix) With Lil Jon & Eastside Bo
  19. Salt Shaker (Remix) Feat. Big Boi And Snoop Dogg
  20. Salt Shaker Remix
  21. Saltshaker
  22. Say I Yi Yi (Clean)
  23. Stick That Thang Out (Skeezer)
  24. Take Ya Clothes Off/- Feat. Bone Crusher
  25. Twurklator
  26. Usa
  27. Wait (Remix)
  28. Wait (The Whisper Song) (Jacki-O Remix)
  29. Wait (The Whisper Song) (Remix) )clean)
  30. Wait (The Whisper Song) (Remix)
  31. Wait Remix
  32. Wham Boom Bam
  33. What Happnin!
  34. What The Fuck! Feat Bone Crusher & Killer Mike
  35. What's Happenin
  36. What's Happnin!
  37. Whistle While You Twurk (Collipark Mix)
  38. Whistle While You Twurk
  39. Wild Out
  40. Woah Lil Mama