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Ship Of Relations (2003)Edit

Yesterdays Rising - Ship Of Relations
Ship Of Relations
  1. Time Holds The Truth
  2. Sidewalk's Remanence
  3. Fall From Grace
  4. Torn And Weathered
  5. You Tell Me

When We Speak, We Breathe (2004)Edit

Yesterdays Rising - When We Speak, We Breathe
When We Speak, We Breathe
  1. Our Lucid Dream
  2. Let's Take Slow Steps
  3. Sidewalk Remnants
  4. WWSWB
  5. This Is My Thought-Crime

Lightworker (2005)Edit

Yesterdays Rising - Lightworker
  1. To The Readers
  2. My Body Is Like A Metaphor
  3. I Am Fortunate To Know
  4. Lightworker
  5. Catastrophic
  6. Experience To Write
  7. He Who Waits Here Is To Become Part Of The Mud
  8. The Hardest Part
  9. Becoming One With Nature
  10. Loss
  11. My Concious Curiosity
  12. Let Us
Bonus Tracks
  1. Combust, And Feel Better

Other SongsEdit

  1. Sidewalks Remanence
  2. Sidewalks Remnants
  3. This Is My Thought Crime
  4. When We Speak, We Breathe
  5. When We Speak, We Breath
  6. Wwswb (When We Speak, We Breathe)

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Former members:
  • Brandon Bolmer Wikipedia16 - vocals
  • Jon Bloom - guitar
  • Richie Ochoa - guitar
  • Justin Panno - bass
  • Jamie Etheridge - drums
  • Ryan Magdaleno - drums
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