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Happiness For A Day

This song is by Yesmisterbloodvessel and appears on the album Racing The Relapse (2008).

Once again it's just you and me
I'm sorry that I've let you down.
Yesterday you were twenty-one
How old do you feel right now?

I can't believe how time has healed
These wounds that feel so fresh.
When I think back to those distant days
All the memories start to mesh.

Counter-productive brains and mind-reducing masses
Have led me down this path of no happily ever afters.
She's the trigger that set it off as I pop the pill to numb
The sounds and memories of all her sinister laughter.
It will break this code it will shape your mold
It will force control it will turn you cold.
It'll erase the pain with a cloak upon your face
But no matter how you try you'll always end up in this place.

Walking in a fog so mechanical
Making sure it never rains.
Your little voice still scratching away
Reminding me I'm still the same.

The concept of you is just a lie
I try to convey each day.
Through affirmations spoken to reflective glass
In a world that seems so gray.

Oh, how the time has passed.
While I've been standing here in the same place
Wishing for a day of happiness to last
Longer than today.
I'd forgive my past
To wash this all away.

Oh doctor, please tell me again oh why
Everything she said was contrived?
Remind me just where the warning was
Then prescribe me another drug.

I'm still inside your head
What you tried to cover you couldn't see.
How long have you been holding on
When in the end the enemy is me?

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