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White Trash America

This song is by Yer Mom.

Whitetrash America for you and me
Whitetrash America is the way we want things to be
Whitetrash I'm Whitetrash my future is so dark
Whitetrash I'm Whitetrash I rule this trailer park

I don't know nothing about birth control hey hell why should I lie
I've got three cars but none of them work and either do I
You may have a lot of stuff that clutters your home but I know that I've got more
On welfare I'm going nowhere except to the liquor store

Dog shit and dirty clothes in my house it's everywhere
My kids haven't eaten for three days but I don't even care
I neglect my kids I beat my wife and that's the way it goes
I take a shower and do my dishes with a garden hose

I eat Pork and beans I drink grape soda I love the way they taste
I never throw away anything I reuse paper plates
Cigarettes and television they consume my life
I buy cheap malt liquor with my welfare check and I'm feeling all right

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