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Dead Beat Dad

This song is by Yer Mom.

And so you went through hell in the divorce
Last time we spoke it was in court
A hobby claiming that I juke
Your new boyfriend is such a kook
Talk shit on me but I won't fret
Disneyland makes them forget

Deadbeat-Dad, I'm so Convinced that it's O.K.
Deadbeat-Dad, Yeah I forget birthdays
Deadbeat-Dad, Your mom she won't collect
Deadbeat-Dad, I'm so good at bouncing checks

I never wanted custody
Those kids ain't my priority
Sperm donors like me everywhere
So stop your threats 'cause I don't care
Child support is such a joke
When I pretend that I am broke

Deadbeat-Dad, No you won't get no money
Deadbeat-Dad, My girlfriend is only twenty
Deadbeat-Dad, I don't got what it takes to be a man
Deadbeat-Dad, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Ham ...

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