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Alcoholic Heaven

This song is by Yer Mom.

Beverage dispensers everywhere serve magic pints of ice cold beer
On silver trays with buffalo wings so don't you worry about a god damn thing

There ain't no god damn better place to go
Then sip your drink at the punk rock show
At barbecues we're hanging out
It's paradise without a doubt

In Alcoholic Heaven, Lots of Bros & Lots of Booze
Alcoholic Heaven, With Slutty Girls & Salty
Alcoholic Heaven, Because Everyday is a Friday Night
Alcoholic Heaven, The Beer Here it Ain't Ever Light

There's nowhere else I'd rather be
Then with beer tap free cigarette machines
D.U.I. s here just don't count
My full time job is to blackout

Alcoholic Heaven, Waking Up With a Stiff Cocktail
Alcoholic Heaven, I Piss My Pants but No One Cares
Alcoholic Heaven, No my Girlfriend She Don't Complain
Alcoholic Heaven, With Pool Darts & Foosball Games

My endless bar tab is always paid, Martini glasses custom made
Hey don't you know that Coke is it, Cause Rum & Pepsi tastes like shit
Man I play Foosball I don't spin, clean from the goalie two points I win

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