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I Need To Live With My Heart

This song is by Yeng Constantino.

I cry out really loud
In front of the whole croud
Should every one see
What I had done to me

Chorus: live with my heart
Nothing can keep us apart
Live with my heart
Give me a chance
Live with my heart
So I can dance...
With my heart

Don't make me cry out all the
To tell you all the seasons when I explained to you

Tryin' to stop all these tears
I don't want to hurt your ears
I just want to stay alone in here
Yeah, I know it appears
I need you

I need someone except you
I hope you don't hate me tooooooooo

Am I crazy for loving my heart
Maybe do you think we should break apart
How am I gonna risk my life?
And I need you to move on
I will also be gone

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