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This song is by Yellow Hammers.

It was a day like today
That your mama died
It was cold and show fell
So deep that you stayed inside
And no, I don't know how it feels
Anymore than you know how it feels
To long for you
And I long for you
It was a night like last night
That you headed west
You travelled light
Like your heart
You gave your past a rest
When your luggage came you broke down
You had it packed away
But not for long
Tell me what's wrong
How do I get to Roseandelie?
How do I get to you?
It was a week ago last week
In a parking lot
We were standing still
We were going nowhere
That's when I found out
The evil that lurks
Behind even the best man
Couldn't help but find me in the end.
That's what you said
Where did I leave her?
Was it in Mississippi?
Maybe it was Chicago
Or Los Angeles