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I'm Not Like You

This song is by Yello5.

I could be like you,
Sit on the porch,
Smoke a cigarette,
Think that he doesn't know.

I could be like you,
Yell at him, silence
As he stares at you
While you stew, while you stew.

I'm not like you, thank God I'm not like you.
I don't mean to hurt you,
And I don't need revenge
For all that you've done,
For all that you've said,
Promises you never kept.

I could be like you,
Sink to your level,
Play all your games.
Fifty points, if you make him scream, make him scream.

I'll never be like you,
Choose her over,
Your own flesh and blood.
Who am I?
Who is she?
And who are you to decide?

I'll never be like you,
Not in a million years,
Waste a lifetime,
Drowned in beer,
And still not be you.
And they don't hurt like you do.

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