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This song is by Years To Come.

Sorry I'm gone
This crossroads crossed out hope
Move on
Find new love
Your arms
I'm sure stretch out to me
But I can't see you
For all the long nights up and memories
I'm not sure I know you at all
The songs we wrote
Stale and over overplayed
Are all I hear

'Cause I changed
And you changed
And we fell apart
Our blurry vision got the best of us
Temptation always got the best of us

Now I'm back to where can be found
By new love
For days I turned away and closed my eyes
But you never left my side
The truth is that time spent apart from you
Only burned me up
But flames can't touch us now
We're all right

'Cause I changed
And you changed
Our torn up hearts
Our blurry vision is clearing up
Temptation will never get the best of us

We're not as lost as we thought we were

I can see you

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