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Release Me

This song is by Year of Confession.

Fate is just a term, that's used without a thought

What about me?
What about all the time we've shared?
All I'm left with...
Sharpened blades of agony
Why pose?

This day has put me in the way
Chronicled Misery
To pray for forgiveness as I shed my blood
As the world cries for me to beg

No I can't breath
No I can't...

No more can I sit and stare
Can you hear me father?
Bleeding forth with silent words
But do you even really care?

No you can't see
No you can't...

Turn away, this emptied mind of mine
No longer wait, has been long past the time
I lay awake, restless from the pain
Here hides the snake, coiled for the strike
Poisoned venom bite
What was I to do that day
Poisoned venom bite

... Why?
I'm so scared
Try... to overcome
This... form of abuse
You, you can't see the

Broken hope, lies of lies, twisting knife
I can no longer see that your
Forming hate, blackened soul, nothings left
Of the man I once knew who was
Loving me, teaching me, apathy
In this world that no longer cares
For me, or life...



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