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Of Epic Proportion

This song is by Yaphet Kotto and appears on the album Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love (2001).

Your words could have held the ground up under my feet.
Although I can't recall the purpose, each one still stings.
Thinking back on things now filled with regret.
I wish we shared more time, something we'll never get back.
Listened patiently but denial's never kind.
Escaping what's believed; starting to realize.
Instrumental in the shaping of a young mind; taught me everything.
Something you think I'd recognize but your words still strike a chord; each one more important.
Words mean all. I've got each one. More important than the last.
Only here and now the past creates a camouflage to cover my wounded eyes.
Mistrust mistaken. I'm apathetic only here and now the past takes a little time to pacify satifaction.