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This song is by Ya Boy and appears on the album Chapter 1: The Rise (2007).

I ain't tryin' to fall vitcim to the haters
Just trying give you my life on one piece of paper
For they take me let me tell you one thing
Ya baby boy is a soldier and I run things
Sorry I didn't become a doctor or a lawyer
High as hell
Going to school with the sig sauer
Its hard to figure whos real and whos counterfeit
Streets love ya boy I'm like the president round this bitch
Each summer
I sat and watched these niggas rise
Watch these niggas fall
And watch these niggas die
Watch these niggas grow
Watch these niggas multiply
I'm talkin' bout these pussy niggas real nigga till I die
You can call me the mozart on these streets
Conduct a whole fucking symphony on these beats
Bay area stand up
You got the right to do it
It's a little bit more than the hyphy movement
Who gon' pull my car
Who gon' call me out
I'm in the game now you gon' have to haul me out
Who gon' bust that shot
Who gon' pull that knife
I'm seen everywhere and I ain't never tuck my ice
I'm that nice
Ask ya lil brother
Ask any rapper that's been on the source or xxl cover
They'll tell you I'm nothing less than the truth
And tell you ya boy is a beast in that booth
The truth gotta be told
I tell the whole world
I know ya tired of the same old song girl
I sat at home and watched game bring the west back
I told him to put half of California on my fuckin' back
Half of washington
Part of nevada
Give me every city from portland to tiauhana
Let me carry the west too
Ya boy put his heart on every single track just like the best do
I don't never run and hide like the rest do
I stand and fight
Got my gun and my vest too
You heard the name before
You know the name ya boy
There ain't an MC alive that I can't destroy
And missed the bus I've been rapping since my teen days
Black wall mix tape
Xxl freepage
The source unsigned hype
And one skee tape
Now I bet them labels come runnin' like a freed slave

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