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​Heart Attack At 23

This song is by Y Kant Tori Read.

Sirens wake me up
Wake me up
With a cry
Things we do
For attention...
Just a little
Reminder dear
I am still alive

So confused
I almost threw
It all away
For you
You took me higher
And you dropped
Me lower
Than I've ever been

If I have a heart attack
At 23
I'm loving you too much
If I have a heart attack
At 23
Wave bye-bye
You'll miss me
You'll miss me baby
If I have a heart attack
At 23

All my friends
We waste so
Much love
On our men
Why can't i
Be forgiving
While he been out
With his argentine baby

I must be dreaming
We were together
In a
Land of scarlet ribbon
That tied you to me darlin'

Roll roll roll roll on
But you know I'm never
With all the good things
In my life
I thought I needed you
To be strong
I'll still miss you
When I'm gone