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Locked Up

This song is by YTCracker.

Tuesday afternoon and I'm minding mine
Just showing some pics to pass the time
A few haters in my thread - I will 'em dead
When I'm posting - props to made2own hosting
Send a pm to my man cg
I got an army of aolers steady defending me
Yeah I'm a thug I toss a w on it
And when I'm thugging on a bitch I ask 'em how do you want it

So here I am just taking a break
Between coding some c and eating some cake
Then I hit refresh it says I made a mistake
You don't have access to this forum you've been fragged like quake
I said motherfucker this screen is fake
I tried to pm deuce but it didn't take
I clicked on the corral where the screen just shakes
And now I hear bananaphone and lay awake

I don't know who does it but its 5 bucks a day
To keep me off the forums at general may
Y'all know I ain't shens just ask jose
Garcia hes a believah in this 26k
Donate that money to the tsunami
'Cause ill just keep on coming back with a short delay
And posting more threads of celebrity
Or me with some bitches just getting freaky

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