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Jungle Bash

This song is by YTCracker.


I'm in the rum jungle
And I'm drinking rum and cokes
Ain't a girl in the place
That I don't want to poke
Got some fine model bitches wearing epic cash jerseys
Remote thumbs in the place and you know we ain't worthy
It's that dirty - nerdy - rapper
Y'all know him as the ytcracker
I'm pushing traffic and I'm wreaking havok
At the mandelay bay (now whodi)
I be chilling at the jungle bash
Getting drunk off the drinks from the traffic cash
Checking my watch - January 4
Time for me slide up and mack on a whore
I be telling these ladies that I'm here to network
Showin 'em the rolex so they know my net worth
We be repping spamtec and we killing porn shit
Unleashing animals within with a newborn hit
Blowing up like a volcano in a rum bottle
Roger v porn kings hes our role model
Checks from the triple x stay faithful
Paying out while were pushing little April

Now e'erbody body get it crunked and loose
Get yourself a pair of titties and some jungle juice
We in that sin city spinnin from the drug abuse
And some lady alligator said she love my crew

I always tell the hos, yeah bitch I love you too
But that ain't true, I'm lookin' at the brown hair blue (eyes)
Girl up in the cage, 'cause she's lookin' too (fly)
She better tell her man that I'm her true guy
But there goes jenna meng what do I do i
Think I feel the need to dance
'Cause now I'm lookin' at the girl in those tight hot zebra pants


We make it easy to finesse that ass
It's so easy, just like a signup with ns cash

But all I really want to know is can I hit it?
Give me a minute, ill flip it quicker than vivid

But y'all can't leave me on the hang
When I'm looking for the tang
I go to sex search, yes I'm an expert
I got that pro flow that make your neck hurt

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