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This song is by YTCracker.

I upvote everything I can
You prolly ain't never gon see one star from me
That unlike safety is a guarantee
If I don't like your site then ill just leave
My favorite epic maneuver
Is giving you a 5 if your site don't hoover
And like picard baby I'm the captain
Of the uss nerdy rapping

Your man is an awesome dog
He reigns from internets bud
With 5s he shows his love
I am the man now dog

Ill vote 5 if you did some thinkin'
Auto 5 if your name is syncan
Nes sites I'm auto linkin
My album for you if my views are shrinkin
My one weakness is nedm
'Cause I'm votin 5 if and when I see them
I don't care what the black dude stole
I'll give him a 5 for a barrel roll

Dzk - my fellow artist
He gets 5s always regardless
5 if he-man saw something funny
Or if you got the mystery track for some money
I'll give you 5 just for effort, bet
Lol 5, lol, internet
Like lex and vader it's wrong and no
To downvote a site about l ron, yo

Please don't make me get medieval
Send you a letter from ebaums legal
Department get (mine) like the seagulls
If you downvote other people
If ya don't know this is ytcracker
Even though I could I ain't no view hacker
Download me with the Jesus rom
Dub dub dub ytcracker dot com

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