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This song is by YTCracker.

Asp php computer nerd hustlin
Old school hacker with my punch cards rustlin
All these other rappers are a dime a dozen
While I'm like a tesla coil boy I keep on buzzin
Bulletproof vest I gotta pocket protector
I know all the angles calculate the vector
Smart and deadly like hannibal lecter
Feel the wrath of khan when I'm in your sector
I'm a star wars buff and I use the force
I got the rpg but that's par for the course
Play magic tap mana I show no remorse
Rip sean murray hes back in the source
'Cause geeks don't die we just decompile
We don't decompose 'cause that's not our style
I be sitting in the park playing chess wit y'all
'Cause I suck real bad playing basketball
I pick fights on the net just to show I'm tough
But if you get in my face I can't tell you enough
I'm a digital thug for a reason
But don't think I ain't got triggaz I'm squeezin
Bitch you know that noobs are always in season
So rofl it up 'cause ima stop your breathin
Ain't the first time a hater been brought to the beach
And if I ain't pulled your credit ima fuck up ya speech
Ima take away your voice and your 0day leech
'Cause I'm an oper in this game IRC now preach
All them genmay faggots be saying b seven
But ill choke 'em darkside like my name was darth revan
Wanna kiddie corral this white rapper now?
One ring on the banana phone the site goes down
I got russians with botnets the size of Alaska
Ill drop the whole net I'm a multitaska
General mayhem well bitch who asked ya
Ill beat you down like shonuff the masta
I'm the last dragon - y'all faggin
Waving to you isajeeps from my benz wagon
Got more beef then fullvietfx
But ill bet me and him still get more sex
Then all you fuckin' virgins
Tryin' to act hard but y'all just hurtin'
Meanwhile I'm just steady nerdin
Crazy like I'm tyler durden
Bitch I'm boss playa status and my life is real
And my mom doesn't pay my cable bill
So y'all poor faggots just qft
My rhymes my site my mp3
'Cause ima keep coming with spamtec hits
While sanjay bans another 26k bitch

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