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Fuck Antis

This song is by YTCracker.

Im a spammer
Till the gavel falls the hammer
Spitting all my nerdy grammar
Smile for the camera
Ytcracker been listed
At rokso spews they got it twisted
I might not be a big fish
But that number one spammer rapping it ain't bull ish
But now I gotta voice my opinion
This spamtec soldier on the quest to a million
You guys are so wrong about me - wanna be?
Do some research I think you'll find the - truth hurts
I ain't sent an email in almost two years
So go back to the drawing board you fucking csi queers
I don't mind being called junior
I'm proud of my heritage and where I came from
Unlike some y'all are dumb
All you trying to be sleuthing
Combining public records with shit I posted online
At one time what you provin
That you can read my sites and pull up my whois
And try to dig deeper to see who my crew is
Ill give you a hint - ryan ks just my webhost
Doesnt even know a thing about spamming email - so get ghost
I'm tired of you fucking sissies trying to cut a spammers living
Steady bitchin on these blacklists like a bunch of fucking women
Most of us got families too and we gotta feed em
Mortgages and viagra everybody need em
We wouldn't be in business if people didn't like our service
So we send a couple million to be sure they heard us
And it's all about the wallet - money talks
And if I pay my taxes the government balks
So you can keep on watching us like a bunch of hawks
And we can keep on giving people bigger cocks
We don't rape we don't kill and our drugs are all legal
You post all my info and you call me evil
You antis are fucked in the head
So why don't you stop all your complaining hit delete instead

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