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This song is by YTCracker.

You've heard my introduction
About a thousand times in a thousand rhymes
But now cat5 on the block supplying this beat
That new age hax0r leet
It's that nerd stuff
You know how I word stuff
Just a little bit of scrabble style
And if I'm not winning with the triple word scores
And my seven letter bonus I don't wanna hear more
Haters on hiphop boards and metafilter
Talking shit about ya boy like I ain't built ta
Last or be up in this rap game driven by
Bling and bentley balling lets sing
Stc we are the greatest
Ytcracker lets hear some of your latest
The nerd rap king since 98
All you bitches bow down or meet your fate

Now you know this beat by silent john
Gon be some science fiction shit
And all you lesser mammals know
That I bump this in my new spaceship
I'm a tri lam alumus
Fraternity for eternity westside check your compass
I got an army of fans coast to coast
Planet to planet the galaxial spamtec bandit
If your xwing is damaged and you need to land it
Ima tell you stay away from the tatooine sand pit
But enough about star wars
Or star trek
Quantum leap
Or the world of warcraft
Everybody is an addict to the phat shit
That I keep dropping and I ain't stopping
Even if you can't follow along to a spam song
You can bob your head and get your groove on

I can use a slide rule
I'm old school
My protractor doesn't get much action
'Cause I know all the angles and I'm relaxing
Just another rapper half anglo saxon
Can I get a spammer - no quit asking
I'm lawful good and I'm outta that faction
Just another geek with a sense of fashion
Still wearing ecko with the reebok traction
Ladies love me like james and I'm macking
'Cause I got what other dudes they be lacking
Look in my pants and you'll see I'm packing
A mini me trying to do a little ytcracking
Sir issac newton says that every action
Requires an opposite reaction
These are my credentials so read the facts son
The biggest hacker since steven jackson

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