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Xuxa's Recipe

This song is by Xuxa.

We have pears
Apples to spare
We have milk
We have honey
Yes there is corn
The butter's war
So try this special recipe

Good morning
Don't forget breakfast today
Rolls and fruit
Will get you on your way
At lunch, a sandwich
And a slice of cheese
You can save dessert
For later please
How nice a snack
Is in the afternoon
An apple o
Glass of orange juice
A surprise is in the
Jello for a hungry

If your stomach's growling
Early evening
To say it's dinner
That it should be eating
There's something light
For you that you can have
Then brush your teeth
Before you go to bed
In the middle of the night
You're hungry
Don't worry
Your mother won't be angry
So even if you
Have to make a fuss (hey mom!)
C'mon mommy
Make something for us!

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