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Miracle Of Life

This song is by Xuxa.

Miracle of life
(Brazil: milagre da vida)
(Spanish: el milagro de la vida)
There's a world that I've discovered
But no one can quite a explain
What's a miracle I wonder
Can you tell me what it means

First the oak tree spoke so sweetly
"It's the oxygen you breathe"
Then the flowing river whispered
"It's the water I believe"
When I asked a hungry puppy
He had dinner on his mind
And the pilot had no answer
He gazed up in the sky

"It's the sea and all its slendor"
Said the mermaid on the shore
Then I listen to a bluebird
Can a flower be ignored
When he hears the baby crying
The old man feels like a child
When the sun is shining brightly
Everyone begins to smile

Tell me, tell me
You feel in your soul
When you hear the children laughing
When you see them start to grow
Tell me, tell me
You feel it in your soul
And the wisdom of the children
Will be all you need to know

If you let the love inside you
Help to make your dream come true
Then a miracle can happen
Any day you want it to
If a bee can give us honey
And a smile can make us strong
Then a bird can make us happy
By singing out its son

When I see the stars are shining
And a rainbow fills the sky
Then I know I feel the magic
Of the miracle of life
Then the sunlight brings out the morning
And it's too good to be true
Then a child will know for certain
The best miracle of all is you

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