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One Man Rebel

This song is by Xtreme.

Song number4: one man rebel.
If you call ur self thug Listen I wanna talk to you dourIt doesn't matter if you grew up in east l.a or queensU are still a junior to meIn the thug realm I am the king of thugsMy kingship can not be anullI make the final callMy powers are so broad I don't make use of wallsMy subject don't go pall B'cause I command them allI learnt thug life from it sourceWent to school for satanic boysWhere I obtained first class in devilish nousSold my heart to the devil For a heart full of evilI have no human conscienceTaken pleasure in delivering people corpseCausing nightmaresI prefer to kill a man for his thingsTo beging him for a pieceDrink and smoke my lung and kidney outTo giving it out to a man whose own has passed out And needs mine to surviveRape my best friend fianceeTo sleeping with my girlfrien who I never seen her undiesBury my excess belongsTo giving it out to my mama who lacksAll life basic necessitiesJust b/w u and iI am an orphanWhose parents are still aliveThey disown me at the age of 9For taking my younger brother's lifeWas expelled from school in junior highFor plucking out a mate eyes with a knifeWhen to phycarist hospital at the age of12For jumping off from a cliffAfter sniffing large dose of cocaineThey thoungh I have gone nutsI am only performing a stuntsWhen to rehab center at 14when it was descover I had an alcohol storeWhen to nick at 15For organising a fighting brawlJust for ur records y'llI have spent more night under police locksThan behind close doorsWhen to jail 15times under 1 yaersFor 15 different crimesI jail as a reat houseWhere I go to perfect my next crime plansThere are 50 in my strretI have slept with 49 of them excerpt 1 my sisI don't like peaceThat is why I do viceI am far ahead of you boys

I am the main conTheir can never be 2 donSo, u will only wish you are me dour
Chorus:2xWe are not in the same levelI am one man rebel .With an evil lebalMark on my forehead
I have been chased out of 25 statesNobody want me to stayI am rick to their lifes and propertiesBad influence on their kidsA disease called menaceJust b'cause I am aroundThe street become a dangerous groundInhabitants thinks is wise ti leave townNow they stillcanI am an ogre with sldge hammerI am going out I dress like scary monstersPeople see me they run for cover Watch over their shoulderWith different kinds of guns in my powerI am the district masterAll doors are closed Incase I decide to offlaodIt won't be the end of their roadThe cops are not let outNow they are short of copsThat is b'cause I have killed them a lot
20 time I have engaged them in a gun duelThey went back to their base coldAnd me I stood up boldThey shot me 15 timesThinking it was my end timeBut such daeth is not mine
1 wek later I was my in styleThey couldn't believe their eyesSo, he didn't die they ask themselves.Cops don't take me to courtJudges don't wanna hear my case just to avoid my wrath
10 of their colleagues that has found me guilty are now with god.Now I am above lawI have been given license To do what I pleaseCarry out sheddy dealsContinue with my illegal bizKill as I dim fit.Can you handle such respects kidsU can never be like me plz plz.

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