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Priest of Pain

This song is by The War.

Ripped in halfcast, into a
Life of tormentscars, cut
Beyond the boneraped, revenge
Fear of lifeyou are my, my
Savior, you help to, guide me
Throughyou council me, with
Your, your hand down, my fucking
Pantsadvantage, is taken, I am
Your, your fucking meati turn
To, you to, to guide me, fucking
Throughdignity, is taken from
Uspurity, has been ripped in
Halftortured, mind left to
Gather thoughts, to young to
Knowwrong, from a, loving
Fucking hand, in the room of
Painfear of air filled lungs
Cast down cast out, for the priest
Of painoverwhelmed with the
Hands of the father is this how
Forgiveness isis this my
Sentencing, this is my fault
Clense me of my sinsforce fed
These lies the wrong falls in your
Lap, your fucking lap!this
Song was written due to the amount
Of child molestation, rape and
Other disgusting child sex acts
That are going on all over the
World at the moments. priest
Child counsellors and other adults
Who are in positions of power
Taking that power and using it
Against blind children, not
Knowing that what they are going
Through is wrong. just because the
Pope apologises for this doesn't
Make everying thing ok. it doesn't
Stop defenceless children being
Used as sexual meat

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