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This song is by Xspace.

By Benjamin Ackerman
Conversations on the phone, but I don't wanna talk anymore
You think you know me, but know I'm not so sure
These magic spells have broken free, now all that's left is
You and
I thought I knew you, but now I'm not so sure
And out of the blew I'm blew again
And all I know is who I am
And all I want is to know who to call my friend
The only one I'd ever love, now I think I felt too much
Conflicts building up inside my mind
I wish your life was trouble free, I wish your life was life
With me
I don't dare leave you behind
Your life- I wish I could set you free
Set you free from all the pain I see
What's hurting you is killing me
I wish that you could see

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