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So In Love

This song is by Xscape.

Ooh (x5)

It's been so many days
Since we went our separate ways
And I'm still here missing you
What am I supposed to do?
When there's
So many things
That remind me of
That times that we shared
Just the two of us
I can't understand it...
Why doe's it have to be this way...
Tell me...

Baby... what do I do...
When I'm... so in love with you
I could never... never... never ever
Love this way again (x2)

Lying in the bed...
We used to share...
The only thing missing...
Is your not here...
I Reminisce on the love we made
You used to drive me crazy
When you said my name
And when you kissed me there
Oh baby... oh wee baby...
Tell me what do I say?
What do I do...
When I'm still in love with you

Ooh (x5)

What did I do to deserve this
All I ever wanted was to make you happy
Baby tell me where did we go wrong
I need to know... where is the love (x2)

Ooh (x5)

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