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This song is by Xorcist and appears on the album Soul Reflection (1997).

Let me in
Let me walk with you
Let me feel
All the things you do
Let me touch
All that you have seen
Take my hand
Don't you trust in me
Let me grab
What you hide from me
Let me steal
All your agony

Let my run my strong hands down your neck
As your teeth hit the ground and I cover your back with my

Let me play
Don't put up a fight
My control
Should be your delight
Stay awake
I'm not done with you
Stay alive
There's much more to do

Rip your heart
Burn off all your hair
Slice your veins
Suck out all your air

Let me burn you all down
Blow you up
Tear you out
Suck you dry
Leave you covered in all of my

(Movie quotes)

Who will save me?
Who will save me?

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