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White Nerd

This song is by Xiu Xiu and appears on the album Women as Lovers (2008).

Oh you could have been a diamond
A flicker in the campfire
But what shall you do now
Nothing, nothing, you will do nothing
Or you could've been the 13 of spades
Destroyer of the jerk-off of hearts
Well you know where should you go
Nowhere nowhere, you won't be anywhere else
I am right, vigorous (oh yeah!)
You are wrong, pig-orous (oh yeah!)
Holy F holy you holy CK
Oh you could've been a Modoc
The last free indians in washington
500 or 600 girls like you
Spilling their Percocet out on the lava flow
White nerd what have you learned?
White nerd you let us down
Oh you could've more anti-yourself
So astoundingly unsilent
But make-up over your pimples
Will blow us freshhhhhh away
La la la la la la
I am unwrong, vigorous (meow!)
You are unright, pig-orous (woof! woof!)
Black nerd we let you down

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