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The Leash

This song is by Xiu Xiu and appears on the album Women as Lovers (2008).

Perseus holds the head of Medusa
Oh what I would give to be her
My hands cannot hold steady
When you reach out to me
Jaimie boy oh if you could tell
Would you ever be taken as I am
That I looked to you every night
You did not seem to notice
God had made your sweetheart wrong
Born to suffer, born only to die

A dog will rut its way into harm
When one lets off the leash
To reveal what I once was
Just for once, just for once
In this she is not unique
To have lied to a lover
If for want of a pure touch
To be common, to be seen as I am

Salute your rage, a hammer
Beat upon me, crumble me as powder
Wipe me off of your uniform
It's the same blood that you loved
I don't think that you are a fool
But you cannot deny me as a woman
Oh ensign, I was your woman

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