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The Conversation Stalls

This song is by The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up.

I'm not tired, I could still go out
I'm not obligated by the morning sun
If we drink enough
We'll be acting tough.
We'll laugh the loudest.
Let's see them try and stop us.

We could talk about the boys you know, a lover's wink
And if the conversation stalls, we'll get another drink.
I'm not opposed to never seeing you again after tonight. It's the perfect ending to the perfect friendship that never quite began. We never quite began.
Oh, the keys to every car you've crashed, a faceless mob of people smashing windows on the boulevard over the fence from your backyard.
The billy clubs and pepper spray, you grabbed his belt and made his day.
With burning eyes and oily tears, we said goodbye, same time next year.
I apologize for everything.

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