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Perpetuates Silence

This song is by XIII PFP.

Try turning your back on us all
Practice marks your progress at fault
Perpetuate silence with silence but you cannot break us all
Turning inside, push down and deny the people around you
He friends you used to have, and if I said that this wasn't all for you
You would blow the foundation and bury us all
But you can never take from me
Though you tried every day
You can't take it from me
Can't break the feelings inside
You can't remember the things we used to have and you destroyed
You can't shake the feeling inside of who you'll never be
Turning to the inside (there's nothing to have) you can't fool us all
You'll remain the same despite the hate inside you
You can't bare to change so you'll bury us all if you break the foundations
You'll try but never take from

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