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Yeah, This Song Is About You

This song is by Xeronic.

I see you everyday but everyday I never see your real face
Carrying this act to show the circus of your friends tonight
Sat in drunken tears
Complaining about jeers about your weight and attitude
No gratitude for those to help you stand back up

I stand watching
Content with distance, stepping closer would annoy me
I'm really having trouble actually believing
All the things you say to me
You play with me and tell your friends
I should be hated too

Attention focused not on you is never good for you
These crocodile tears reek of worthlessness and fake appeal
Happiest when crowded round
Discussing every detail, every secret of the friends
You used to keep but they're not cool so now they're gone

I can't stand this aggrevation
Letting one thing lead unto another nightmare scene
Dealing with you requires patience
Because good things happen to good people
So if that's true you'll be gone soon

Why can't you see the false situations you build yourself?
Complain of lack of friends
Only to say that you don't want friends at all
Prepared, so steady for your fall
I really hate you
Maybe one day you'll have a heartache
And look back and I'll be waving you on

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