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This song is by Xeo3.

I grip my mind around an existence of liquid
That seems to invade my lungs and mind like salt.
I hold on

Losing ground to the things that matter
Over contemplating all this scatter.
That blurs like an answering machine
That won't pick up
And the fax fucking rings and rings

Hyperventilating in my ego
Can't find a libido
There's nothing more than this block
That somehow sucks me in again.

Can't you see that
I have a problem with reality
Can't you hear me
I keep calling but nobody listens
Can't you feel me
I keep clawing from the inside
Can't you hear me
I keep calling but nobody hears me.

All these contemplations, and then I reaching... I

Everything is pulled into you.
I want to rewind every frame from this moment.
I can't believe that I'm drowning.

Falling down...

All this water...

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