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All White

This song is by X-Ellentz.

(Verse 3 - FLO)
Ok I'm about to get up into flight mode
I know I know I'm a ride slow
But I promise I'm a black out when I write flows
Till the day I see Him on a horse with a white robe
Blah blah blah that boy psycho
Ill mind tell a hop saying I don't like snow
Try to keep me boxed in man shoulda know better
Bro I've been a go getta ever since Tycho
RC's boy please I ain't playing no games
Unless you want a problem better stay in your lane
Let me finish I ain't quitting
Never been an option and it ain't no shame
I messed up this stuff till I got picked up
Switched up and I can't go back
I'd be insane following the insane apart of me
That still got hollered to the brain hold that back
Now the old me dead and gone JT
No paper trail but the road been covered in the blood
So you know they finna chase me
And that's all good all right
I'm wall white to these soft types
They still yapping homie kill that
This real rap and I talk life BOY

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