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Los Angeles (1980)Edit

X - Los Angeles
Los Angeles
  1. Your Phone's Off The Hook
  2. Johnny Hit And Run Paulene
  3. Soul Kitchen
  4. Nausea
  5. Sugarlight
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Sex And Dying In High Society
  8. The Unheard Music
  9. The World's A Mess It's In My Kiss
Bonus tracks on the 2001 Rhino reissue
  1. I'm Coming Over (Demo)
  2. Adult Books (Demo)
  3. Delta 88 (Demo)
  4. Cyrano De Berger's Back (Rehearsal)
  5. Los Angeles (Dangerhouse Version)

Wild Gift (1981)Edit

X - Wild Gift
Wild Gift
  1. The Once Over Twice
  2. We're Desperate
  3. Adult Books
  4. Universal Corner
  5. I'm Coming Over
  6. It's Who You Know
  7. In This House That I Call Home
  8. Some Other Time
  9. White Girl
  10. Beyond and Back
  11. Back 2 the Base
  12. When Our Love Passed Out on the Couch
  13. Year One
Bonus tracks on the 2001 Rhino reissue
  1. Beyond and Back (Live)
  2. Blue Spark (Demo)
  3. We're Desperate(Single Version)
  4. Back 2 the Base (Live)
  5. Heater(Rehearsal)
  6. White Girl (Single Mix)
  7. The Once Over Twice (Unissued Single Mix)

Under the Big Black Sun (1982)Edit

X - Under The Big Black Sun
Under the Big Black Sun
  1. The Hungry Wolf
  2. Motel Room in My Bed
  3. Riding with Mary
  4. Come Back to Me
  5. Under the Big Black Sun
  6. Because I Do
  7. Blue Spark
  8. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
  9. Real Child of Hell
  10. How I (Learned My Lesson)
  11. The Have Nots

More Fun in the New World (1983)Edit

X - More Fun In The New World
More Fun in the New World
  1. The New World
  2. We're Having Much More Fun
  3. True Love
  4. Poor Girl
  5. Make the Music Go Bang
  6. Breathless
  7. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
  8. Devil Doll
  9. Painting the Town Blue
  10. Hot House
  11. Drunk in My Past
  12. I See Red
  13. True Love, Pt. 2
Bonus tracks on the 2002 Rhino reissue
  1. Poor Girl (Demo/Remix)
  2. True Love, Pt. 2 (Demo/Remix)
  3. Devil Doll (Demo/Remix)
  4. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (Demo/Remix)

Ain't Love Grand (1985)Edit

X - Ain't Love Grand
Ain't Love Grand
  1. Burning House of Love
  2. Love Shack
  3. My Soul Cries Your Name
  4. My Goodness
  5. Around My Heart
  6. What's Wrong With Me?
  7. All or Nothing
  8. Watch The Sun Go Down
  9. I'll Stand Up For You
  10. Little Honey
  11. Supercharged
Bonus tracks on the 2002 Rhino reissue
  1. Wild Thing (Long Version)
  2. I Will Dare (Demo)
  3. My Goodness (Demo)
  4. All or Nothing

See How We Are (1987)Edit

X - See How We Are
See How We Are
  1. I'm Lost
  2. You
  3. 4th of July
  4. In The Time It Takes
  5. Anyone Can Fill Your Shoes
  6. See How We Are
  7. When It Rains
  8. Holiday Story
  9. Surprise Surprise
  10. Cyrano De Berger's Back

Hey Zeus! (1993)Edit

X - Hey Zeus!
Hey Zeus!
  1. Someone's Watching
  2. Big Blue House
  3. Clean Like Tomorrow
  4. New Life
  5. Country at War
  6. Arms for Hostages
  7. Into the Light
  8. Lettuce and Vodka
  9. Everybody
  10. Baby You Lied
  11. Drawn in the Dark

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Arms For Hostages/Country At War (Demo)
  2. Devil Doll
  3. The Call Of The Wreckin' Ball
  4. Criticize
  5. Home Motel
  6. I Don't Wanna Go Out
  7. Mother
  8. Revolution
  9. She's Gone
  10. She's So Fine
  11. Skin Deep Town
  12. So Long
  13. The Stage
  14. Temperature's Rising
  15. Unheard Music
  16. Waiting
  17. Wild Thing '94
  18. Wild Thing (Single Edit)

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