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We Come Before You

This song is by Wynonna Judd.

We come before you
To heal our broken hearts
We've been dis-
By other deeply Lord
We ask you to heal our hearts
Take away the pain
And suffering we've endured
We come before you
Bless those people who are mixed up
The ones that were not there for us
We let that all go
We blow it away like the wind
And the sand of time
Your love is all we need
Shine your love to all and every need
We come before you
To heal them as we know
Their need is greater than our own
We ask you to bless us
With your Holy fire of joy
Heal our hearts
So, we can truly feel joy
Heal our hearts
From one to another, a friend, lover
Connecting with you God
WE COME BEFORE YOU to shine that love on us
In a way we deserve to feel
And help us the most
The way it will heal us
The most to grow
Bless us with life long joy
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