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Under The Ole' Apple Tree

This song is by Wynonna Judd.

VERSE; just a little girl UNDER THE OLE' APPLE TREE I remember the pain And joys of growing up Riding my pony Toni On grandparents farm Memories of corn six feet tall A railroad crossing on the other side VERSE; All familiar sounds of my past UNDER THE OLE' APPLE TREE In a printed apron dress Grandma stood at the door In old work clothes Grandpa in the barn yard Miles and miles of yellow wheat fields Greens of clover surround the farm CHORUS; Pet runt pig Baby lambs hand fed Named cattle and lots of baby kittens Home churned butter Ice cream with fresh berries Cookies of cream Skimmed from the milk crock Oh, recalling memories From UNDER THE OLE' APPLE TREE UNDER THE OLE' APPLE TREE VERSE; The smell of fresh apple pie UNDER THE OLE' APPLE TREE Sour cream berries bisquits Mashed potatoes and gravy Crisp fried chicken Hand picked berries And green grapes from the back yard Blessed memories UNDER THE OLE' APPLE TREE BRIDGE; Laying hens, roasters, baby chicks Flocks of geese and wild guinea's UNDER THE OLE' APPLE TREE CHORUS; Repeat UNDER THE OLE'APPLE TREE

Copyrighted; 5-29-98 PAU 2-344-392

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