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I Come Before You

This song is by Wynonna Judd.

I COME BEFORE YOU.BRIDGE; It is I your brother and friend
It is I and I ask you to listen
Verse; I COME BEFORE YOU I bring gifts of happines and joy
A love that is never ending
Dry your tears and smile
And realize that your good
Is now at hand
The Lord is knocking at your door
Will you open and let him in? CHORUS; I COME BEFORE YOU
How do you ever think You are not worthy? That is the main problem That hold people away from God
If you don't feel worthy of God's love
Love is all you need, want or have
All else is comfort and security
And to magnify your life experiences
Verse; I come before you
Yes, I'm entering your life
And fill your life with joy and happiness Because you realize That a part of him lives within you
And all those who accept Jesus
Just like a part of God the Father
Dwells within each of us also
Of course you realize
The part of every soul dwells within us
In a magnificent way
It's true, it's a God part That lives within you You have the best of all mankind That dwells inside of you
CHORUS; Repeat

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