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A Life Time Friend

This song is by Wynonna Judd.

A life time friend
Not everyone can fill
It's a true friend
From sentimental memories
Many may not understand
These true friends
That will always be there
In your time of grief
Friends don't always agree
But they are there
In your time of need
They always seem to know your heart
And help make you feel complete
A life time friend
A life time friend
Reads you like no other
Cause of special moments
Learned about each other
The distance never stops
From closeness shared
Unconditional love for each other
That supports you in all you do
CHORUS; Repeat
A life time friend
Oh, understand
Is there until your life ends VERSE;
A life time friend
Is there when your world
Has left you between the cracks
When you feel there's
Oh, no way back
Your true friend is there
To offer a gentle hand
To help make you feel complete.

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