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It's Ok

This song is by Wynn Walent.

No where to go
Not a word to say
Nothing is going to slow
The coming of that day

I had to throw
My shirt away
'Cause you'd never guess
The way it looked and it felt today

But its Ok
But its Ok

No vertigo
But she turned away
These plastic holes
Ruining her day

Somebody throw
Her hurt away
'Cause she can't control
The things that it makes her say

But its Ok
But its Ok
But its Ok

So close you could almost taste it
So cold you could almost face it
But it's too late

Any other rose
When it whilts away
Well it don't suppose
To get them pedals back one day

From inside a hose
On a rainy day
Saw my reflection
And I had to look away

But its Ok
But its Ok
But its Ok

It's getting hard to say.

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