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Prisoner On The Run

This song is by Wynn Stewart and appears on the album It's A Beautiful Day (1970) and on the box set Wishful Thinking (2000).

There's no telling what might happen if thewy catch me tonight
'Cause I've been running I'm scared and I'm so tired
They gave me life in prison for a crime I didn't do
And the judge believed all the lies they told
But late last night I got my chance hit the guard and climb the fence
Oh Lord I run like I've never run before
Now they'll catch me and I know back to prison I must go
Not until I'll find the one that I love so
No not until I'll see the one that I love so

Straight to her house I go I must hurry I can't be slow
For there may not be the time to see my darling
Her light was burning bright as I looked through the window
What I saw it made my blood run cold
For in the arms of my darling was the one who sent me there
And tears were falling from my eyes as I stood there
Now I'll go back to that old prison but this time I'll have two reasons
And both of them are lying in there on the floor
Yes both of them are lying in there on the floor

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