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No Time Like The Present

This song is by Wynn Stewart and appears on the box set Wishful Thinking (2000).

Your eyes reveal what your lips conceal if there's something on your mind
Things like goin' without me a knowin' well there's no time like the present time
And if my talkin' won't stop your walkin' and if you're no longer mine
And if my grievin' won't stop your leavin' there's no time like the present time

A house divided by love one-sided don't stand a chance anyway
Cause in just a minute all the love left in it to die and decay it will soon fade away
If this golden silence is your own sweet way and it's all in my mind
And if you love me show me you love me there's no time quite like the present time

Cause a house divided by love one-sided...
There's no time like the present time

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