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I Keep Forgettin' That I Forgot About You

This song is by Wynn Stewart and appears on the album It's Such A Pretty World Today (1967) and on the box set Wishful Thinking (2000).

I keep forgettin' not to remember you to get you out of my mind
Never more to be swayin' by all of your charms
I keep forgettin' not to remember you oh so much of the time
How I wish you had stayed here in my arms

There's no sleep for me no more I stay awake and walk the floor
I keep forgettin' that we're supposed to be true
Loneliness is my downfall for some time I almost climb the wall
I keep forgettin' that I've forgot about you

I can't get used to it there's no end to it feeling lonely all day
Some old mem'ry's always coming around
And that old memory comes to torture me and I know right away
That I'll have to forget all over again

And there's no sleep for me no more...

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