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Missed For A Lifetime

This song is by Wynardtage and appears on the album Close II Death (2013).

Let me feel you just for one last time
Let me feel you undividable

I thought we will be happy
But you are not with me
I thought that we could live here
Life as I dreamed to be
For now I'm still alive
My joy keeps waiting and
A part is killing
A part is killed in me

I loved you so much
Felt your heartbeat
Never felt your touch
And the salvation hear you say
I'm with you I am near
The only way by now is fear

You are gone
I realized
My life has changed so much
All my planned dreams all of my bliss
Washed away
By the pressure and lies
By the heavens of ice
I wish you wait somehow
Everyday I fall imagine
Someone decided never known
Close enough would be so beautiful

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