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This song is by Wykked Wytch and appears on the album Something Wykked This Way Comes (1996).

Rotting here, in my grave
As the sun sets once again
Paralysed from death
Maggots eat my skin
Memories faded...
Remembered by few
Eternity awaits
Life begins anew

Resurrection, return from the dead
Resurrection, escape from the tomb
Resurrection, I'm no Messiah
Resurrection, for sake of the dark

Revenge is mine, say the Lord
But he's gonna have to share!
No one stands before me
No one dares
Escaped from hell
Escaped the Devils lair!

Enemies all slain
Only broken corpses remain
Lifeless eyes, everlasting stare
Stench of death, fills the air
Crypt can't hold me
Brake the chains of death
(Come to) rob your body
Of its last worthless breath!

Resurrection, into Hell
Resurrection, take you away
Resurrection, from the grave
Resurrection, wake up dead
Resurrection, leave the tomb
Resurrection, walking dead
Resurrection, devils child
Resurrection, evil dead

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